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ZWCAD Classic Witnesses the 15th Anniversary of ZWSOFT Flagship Product ZWCAD

October 14, 2015—ZWSOFT , a leading supplier of CAD/CAM solutions for the AEC and MCAD industries, today released a new product, ZWCAD Classic, to celebrate the 15th birthday of its flagship product ZWCAD and reward all the customers and users for their support in the past years.ZWCAD has been warmly embraced by the market, thus ZWSOFT can focus its full energy and resources on improving its product. Again this time, ZWCAD Classic comes out with high compatibility, ease-of-use and powerful functionality to improve both productivity and cost-effectiveness.


"A great CAD software company should not only know what designers currently need, but also what they are going to need. A great piece of CAD software should not only be highly compatible, but also meet different designers' needs," said Daniel, ZWCAD Product Manager.



ZWCAD Has Made Tremendous Improvements

15 years ago, ZWSOFT launched its very first generation CAD product ZWCAD, In the following years it released several updated versions. The previous products may have flaws and limited features and available languages,  but ZWSOFT is a company that always aspires to improve and provide better solutions. In 2012, the second generation ZWCAD, a brand new CAD product with new core available in 15 languages, came out in lieu of ZWCAD and featured with many innovative functions and advanced tools. This year, ZWSOFT releases ZWCAD Classic to commemorate it. What’s more, ZWSOFT is now preparing for something bigger, its third generation product which has the advantages derived from the past experience as well as innovative features of its current flagship product ZWCAD.


ZWCAD Global Business is Burgeoning

The past 15 years has also witnessed ZWSOFT’s burgeoning global business. So far ZWCAD has accumulated more than 320,000 satisfied users around the world, permeating many industries from architecture, manufacturing, construction to shipping and many other segmented industries. ZWCAD has also gained many big clients and CAD experts that think highly of the product and are willing to introduce it to more users. The number of ZWCAD partners has also rocketed from a handful to today’s over 200 in more than 80 countries. With blossoming ZWCAD global tours, ZWCAD has become a phenomenon and been embraced across the globe. Besides, ZWSOFT has successfully held 5 Global Partner Conferences aiming to push the development of CAD and its own .


ZWSOFT Global Partner Conference 2015


More and More Customers Rely on ZWCAD

“I am impressed by ZWCAD. With the combination of ease of use, DWG native format, feature-rich commands, user interface, and affordable price level, it’s looking like I may have just turned the corner and freed myself from an old way of thinking,”Ray Howard, CEO of CAD2BIM Solutions said. ZWSOFT, reputed as a committed and cost-effective CAD solutions provider, has continuously satisfied the needs of 2D drafters and has been trusted by many valued customers!



15 years is a good amount of time, short enough to keep its great momentum, long enough to accumulate valuable experience. The past 15 years has been fruitful for ZWCAD, and let’s look forward to its next 15.


To experience the latest ZWCAD, users can download it from here. For any detailed product feature information, users can follow the company’s Facebook.




ZWCAD Software Co., Ltd.  is an international CAD software provider through its network of over 300 partners in 80+ countries and regions. Its product ZWCAD is used by CAD designers across the AEC and MCAD industries. 


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