• Overview ZWCAD 2023
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ZWCAD 2023

  • Sheet Set Manager

    Sheet Set Manager

    View, access, manage, and plot multiple drawings. All of them can be done in one panel.

  • Lasso Selection

    Lasso Selection

    Select multiple objects flexibly by creating an irregular selection area.

  • Advanced Ordinate Dimension

    Advanced Ordinate Dimension

    It creates more intuitive dimensions with multiple styles to choose from. Plus, you can create dimensions for multiple objects at a time.

  • Hatch Upgrade

    Hatch Upgrade

    A context menu in the ribbon helps you adjust the pattern setting more conveniently, and hatch patterns can be previewed in real time. 

  • More Powerful Table Tool

    More Powerful Table Tool

    Satisfy your various needs with new functions like Match Cell and Block Insertion. Edit the table from context menu in ribbon directly.

  • Import Multiple PDF Pages

    Import Multiple PDF Pages

    Import multiple PDF pages as CAD objects in one step, saving time in data importing.

  • Faster Operations

    Faster Operations

    Faster in frequent-used operations including Select, Delete, Pan, Zoom and 3D Render.

  • Edit a 3D Entity Using Grips

    Edit a 3D Entity Using Grips

    Change a 3D entity’s shape easily by dragging the grips.

  • Quick Menu for Object Snap

    Quick Menu for Object Snap

    Choose Object Snap type easily on the quick right-click menu without additional steps.

  • Compatible with 3D Mouse

    Compatible with 3D Mouse

    Rotate, pan or zoom a 3D entity freely on a 3D mouse from 3Dconnexion®. You can also carry on frequently-used commands on it.

  • Collect Mleaders

    Collect Mleaders

    Combine selected Multileaders that contain blocks into a single leader line for better visualization and easier re-editing.

  • Support Export of EPS Files

    Support Export of EPS Files

    Export EPS files easily with the addition of Adobe® PostScript plotter.

  • Enhanced Calculator

    Enhanced Calculator

    Do more complex work and develop more powerful add-ons. It now can calculate Imperial units and vectors, and identify more functions and variables. 

  • New Tooltip in Ribbon

    New Tooltip in Ribbon

    An image will appear along with the text when you hover your mouse over a button, so you can find what you need within seconds.

  • Preview Window for Font Replacement

    Preview Window for Font Replacement

    Check if the selected font can replace the lost font successfully in Preview Window.

  • Cloud Documents

    Cloud Documents

    Sync local drawings to the cloud automatically or manually. Access your files anytime, anywhere, on any device.