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ZWCAD Mechanical 2021


What's New in ZWCAD Mechanical 2021 ?

The industry-specific version based on its faster and smoother flagship product, ZWCAD. Besides inheriting the speed, smoothness, and satisfying new functions of ZWCAD 2021, it offers more handy features.

ZWCAD Mechanical 2021: Simple Design for Sophisticated Outcomes

Create Congruous Single Holes Easily

Now we have two more options for creating single holes. One is the “By Standard Size” option. Once checked, it allows you to use the standard size whose unit can be metric or inch and thus, spares you from manually inputting the hole diameter, and thus streamlines your hole generation process. Being complementary to the fixed type, it helps ensure that the length of the center line would adapt to the size of the hole proportionally.

Figure 1. Single holes whose center lines are now adjustable can be created by standard size

Figure 1. Single holes whose center lines are now adjustable can be created by standard size

Likewise, you can adjust the label size in the Hole Chart manager so that the hole label is neither too big nor too small for the hole.


Retrieve Parts Effortlessly from an Orderly Library

As the hub of mechanical design, the part library is always the primary concern. In this new version, parts have been rearranged by types and standards, enabling you to find the desired ones more effortlessly. What’s more, the German one is now available.

Meanwhile, double-click on a part in the library and you can directly edit it in the model space, which boosts productivity.

Figure 2. The rearranged part library helps facilitate mechanical design

Figure 2. The rearranged part library helps facilitate mechanical design

In addition to the intelligent design functions mentioned, the APIs of ZWCAD Mechanical 2021 have been enhanced for not only developers to customize the program, but also enterprises to integrate it into management systems, such as ERP and PLM, and share internal product design data. 

Hole Chart Manager

The label size is now adjustable in the Hole Chart manager so that the hole label is neither too big or too small for the hole. There are two methods to set the label size:

1. Invoke the Hole Chart manager following 4 / 8 ZWMSTYLEMANAGER->Table->Hole Chat.

Figure 3. Setting the label size in the Hole Chart manager


2. Input ZWMHOLECHART and then “Config” to invoke the Hole Chart setting dialogue box. 5 / 8

Figure 4. Setting the label size in the Hole Chart setting dialogue box


Others Available Features






Top 10 Reasons to Buy ZWCAD Mechanical
1. Support local customized enterprise standards and international standards, including ISO, ANSI, DIN, JIS, and GB standards. The Standard Sync Tool ensures a team to use uniform and up-to-date standards.
2. An abundance of mechanical construction tools guarantee your professional mechanical drawing, such as a set of construction lines, center line, Hole-Shaft projector and many more.
3. Create standard-based title block and border fast with the abbreviate wizard dialog box.
4. Ensure your mechanical dimensions with Power Dimension, Multiple Dimension, and Dimension Overlap Inspection.
5. Automatically generate a BOM with associative Balloons.
6. Rapidly design using Mechanical Symbols, such as the Surface Texture Symbol, Taper, and Weld.
7. Speed up drafting with the built-in comprehensive Part Library and Part Builder. The Shaft Generator and Gear Generator enable you to create the shaft and gear correct and fast by inputting geometric parameters in the wizard box.
8. Create Section Lines, Direction Symbols, and Detail Views with just a few clicks.
9. Super Edit enables you to re-edit or modify all objects easily in their original creation box.
10. Innovative tools such as Jigsaw Print, Word Library, and Engineering Calculator improve your efficiency and guarantee drawing quality.

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ZWCAD Mechanical 2021 VS AutoCAD Mechanical 2021

Blank: Feature Not Supported.       
☆: Feature Partial Supported.    
★: Feature Supported. 

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ZWCAD Mechanical


ZWCAD Pro Mechanical Module


Smart Annotation
Power Dimension  Available
Multiple Dimensions  Available 
Detect dimension overlap and determine suitable distance   Available
Quickly design by using mechanical symbols   Available
Intelligent Balloon and BOM
Easily generate balloons and BOM   Available
Associative Balloon and BOM   Available
Intelligent Drawing Environment
Enterprise and international standards support   Available
Layer management and layer mapping   Available
Multiple borders and adaptive scaling   Available
Super Edit   Available
Mechanical Parts and Generator
Part Library   Available
Shafts and Gears   Available
Extended Drawing Tools for Manufacturing
Construction lines   Available
Advanced Centerline   Available
Reusable detailing tools   Available
Draw Groove quickly and accurately   Available