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His 7 Years with ZWCAD

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Dober Karl-Heinz and his profile on ZWCAD forum

Dober Karl-Heinz is a technical draftsman with abundant work experience for 20 years. Having been working as a wood worker for 5 years and an electrical engineer for 15 years, he is definitely a veteran in construction industry.


Living in Austria and working in Fa. Landsteiner GmbH, he started using ZWCAD and became a member of ZWCAD forum in 2011. By posting and replying threads, he helps a great amount of users tackle their technical challenges. And, being one of the voluntary product testers, he constantly shares his insights and expectations towards ZWCAD.


As a proficient CAD user, Mr. Dober kept searching for an affordable CAD product under the guarantee of quality until he encountered ZWCAD. He was happy to finally have a qualified CAD solution with a reasonable price. What made him even more at ease was that a smooth switch is achievable thanks to the familiar user interfaces as well as similar CAD commands ZWCAD possesses – as he said, “…the switch is super easy and without problem for me and my colleagues.”


Fa. Landsteiner GmbH, the Company Mr. Dober works in

Figure 1. Fa. Landsteiner GmbH, the Company Mr. Dober works in


In his daily work, Mr. Dober mainly uses ZWCAD to create electrical design diagrams and schemas for his clients, and to create plots to communicate with his colleagues.


Design diagrams created by Mr. Dober

Figure 2. Design diagrams created by Mr. Dober


When talking about his frequently used functions, he shows preference towards Filter, just as he stresses, “Prepare the filter for construction designs.” His team often get very huge construction designs with many unnecessary objects and details. With the Filter, they can select precisely according to dimension, hatch, line type, color, etc., enabling them to filter out objects they really need.


Except for simplifying designs by Filter, Mr.Dober also tries everything he can to improve work efficiency, and ZWCAD is there to help. He uses a Lisp routine to copy and move objects with intelligent Rotation to fit in the destination position, avoiding overlapping or collision of objects. In this way, designs are made easier to read. However, he is not yet content with it until he meets SmartMouse, which enables him to bind these Lisp routine commands to different mouse gestures, and trigger them simply by moving the mouse.


Mr. Dober demonstrating the Lisp command with SmartMouse

Figure 3. Mr. Dober demonstrating the Lisp command with SmartMouse


Moreover, a construction program usually involves a large amount of circuits, so he also customizes another mouse gesture to generate the incremental circuit numbers in a more convenient way. In a word, the combination of Lisp and SmartMouse really saves him a lot of time in design.


Incremental circuit numbers

Figure 4. Incremental circuit numbers


In electrical design, slight differences exist between original plans and actual situations, so tools for easy adjustment and modification such as Xref, Dynamic Block, scale list, etc. are all practical for Mr. Dober and his team.


Figure 5. Demonstration of a schema

Figure 5. Demonstration of a schema


Starting from ZWCAD 2012, Mr. Dober and his colleagues are now working with ZWCAD 2017 and 2018. When mentioning the latest version ZWCAD 2018, Mr. Dober is more convinced by its speed. In a pursuit of efficiency, he believes that fast speed represents the best quality of CAD software.


The story between Mr. Dober and ZWCAD has lasted for 7 years. 7 years is a long time – a dissatisfying and unqualified software is hard to retain its users for this long; 7 years is a short time – it flew by unknowingly in every post he made and every idea he shared. His 7 years with ZWCAD witnessed every progress ZWCAD has made, and demonstrated his incomparable enthusiasm towards it, which in turn motivated us to keep advancing forward.


“From the users, to the users” is what we believe and do in practice. It reminds us to be humble, considerate and supportive. As your most reliable friend, we are open to your voice and ideas to make a better product.


So, what’s your story with ZWCAD?