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Keep Styles, Layers & Blocks at The Top of The List

Date:2012-12-21 14:48:21View:

You’re always creating styles — text, dimension, etc. — layers, and blocks. But when you open the Layer Properties Manager or any other list with these items, they are alphabetized. Especially if you’re sharing drawings with others who add their own styles, layers, and blocks, what can you do to make it easier to find “your own stuff?”

Thanks anonymous user comes from our ZWCAD Forum for this tip! He says:

I like to have my own little creations, such as my dimension or text style, my layers, and my blocks,  always easily accessible. I took the habit of starting their name with the underscore _ character, because  then they are are always at the beginning of the lists and not down somewhere in the middle.

He cutely adds, “Please do not use this trick or I will have to use two underscores to stay at the top!”

What naming conventions do you use to help you find your styles, layers and blocks more easily?

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