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Creating Boundary Polylines

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With the Boundary command, you can designate a specific area of a drawing for operations such as hatching and dimensioning. You create a boundary polylines by selecting an area inside a closed loop. The area you select can be bounded by a single closed object or by multiple objects that intersect.  



In cases where objects intersect, ZWCAD interprets the boundary as the closed loop closest to the point specifying the area. In the following figure, for example, the area point selected in the rectangle results in a boundary polylines consisting of the closed loop nearest the point selection, as opposed to the closed loop formed by the rectangle itself.



                                           Selected point (A).                                                     Resulting boundary (B).



To make boundaries more specific, you can create a boundary set. A boundary set specifies which objects are considered in determining the boundary path. This can make creating the boundary polyline faster if you are working with a complex drawing.

In the following figure, the circle and triangle are the selected objects. If you select an area anywhere inside the circle or the triangle, the result is a polyline that bounds the shaded area.



                                        Selected objects (A and B).                   Point specified in the selected area (C), 


                                                                                                               which results in a new boundary

                                                                                                                        around the shaded area.