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How to Use Tool Palettes in ZWCAD

Date:2012-12-13 10:22:58View:
Each new version of ZWCAD has new or updated features, and Tool Palettes first appeared in the 2009 version. In the default settings, the Tool Palettes contained some commonly used commands. To boost our work efficiency, we can also add some desired blocks in the palettes. Now I’ll show you how to do it.


1. Right click in the palette to create a new palette. You can name the palette whatever you like.


CAD software


2. Make the desired item a block. It’s better to give the block a simple and understandable name, so that you can quickly find and select it during your design.


3. Select the block and right click to copy it.


Tool palettes


4. Right click in the palette and paste the block. You will see the block thumbnail and name in the palette.


Tool palettes


Tool palettes


5. When you want to insert the block, simply drag it to the drawing area.


Tool palettes provide a very simple way of inserting commonly used blocks. If you have any other tips, please share them with us!