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Smart Mouse — Have you seen commands can be triggered in this way?

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Smart Mouse, an innovative feature of ZWCAD, helps you trigger commands by very simple mouse gestures, to greatly improve your design efficiency.


Last weekend, I visited one of my friends, who is an interior designer. He was still working overtime at home at that time. I was not surprised at all. Designer, right? However, what actually surprised me was that he buried himself in entering “DIMLINEAR” over and over again, since the floor plan would be directly handed over to workers for construction. So I immediately decided to save him out with Smart Mouse, which is an innovative feature of ZWCAD to trigger commands. Can’t wait to also show it to you right off bat!

As we know, there are 2 ways to execute commands: entering in command line or clicking the icons in ribbon or panel. Now with Smart Mouse, commands can be triggered instantly by mouse gestures which have been bound to it. In this case, “DIMLINEAR” can be invoked in no time by a simple mouse gesture, say, drawing a line from bottom to top. It is particularly efficient when binding the commands which are complicated or commonly-used with these simple mouse gestures.

smart mouse

Move the mouse from bottom to top to trigger DIMLINEAR

Amazing right? Then you may ask, how to bind a gesture with a command, and how to adjust the matching between them? All can be done in the Smart Mouse Settings panel, which appears by clicking “Settings” in “Tools” menu.

smart mouse

smart mouse面板
As you can see in the panel, not only can you match and bind different gestures with different commands, and choose whether to let it work by ticking “Enable” or not; but you can also add gestures at the bottom of the panel by selecting gestures from the drop-down list and matching it with the commands you want. In this way, you can arouse “Line” command by drawing a line from right to left with your mouse, “Circle” by moving left to right, “Arc” by top-right to bottom-left, etc.
smart mouse gesture
So this is today’s sharing and I believe you can’t wait to have a try yourself now. Welcome to leave your ideas or questions in the comment area below!