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How to Lock Toolbars in ZWCAD

Date:2012-12-21 14:52:05View:

Each CAD user has their own operation habits. To help you avoid closing the toolbars or shortcut windows by mistake during work, ZWCAD provides a Lock function. In this blog, I’ll introduce how to use the Lock function.


You can find relevant commands under Window - - Lock Location.


The positions can be locked including docked/floating menubars, toolbars, and windows.

The menubars, toolbars, and windows beyond the drawing area are regarded as docked. Docked toolbars or windows are attached to either side of the drawing area. Floating menubars, toolbars and windows are in the drawing area. By double-clicking on the title bar or dragging with mouse, you can switch the status of toolbars and windows from floating to docked, and vice versa.


Lock toolbars


After arranging the positions of the docked/floating toolbars and windows as you wish, you can lock their positions as illustrated below.


Look toolbars

Locked toolbars or windows can still be opened or closed and items can be added and deleted, but cannot be moved. If need to temporarily unlock them, you can press CTRL.


That’s it. It’s a very simple but useful tip.